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Royal Wade Kimes has worked with some of the industry's best. From Eddie Arnold to Garth Brooks and Loretta Lynn. He is a true master of all media as well with movies, books and art!

He's got amazing stories to share about his experience getting started and working with country music's best.

He's a cowboy country artist and is constantly working!

Royal Wade shares his songs Cut The Line and Wayward Wind and then provides a FREE Acoustic Download of Hello Lonely.

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The full mastered version Hello Lonely will be on the next Royal Wade Kimes release coming this fall.

Hello Lonely by Royal Wade Kimes

live acoustic recording from the Nashville Rocks studios

Get it here:


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LEE Gibson Jams In The Nashville Rocks Studios Lee Gibson visits The Nashville Rocks Studios in Nashville, TN and talks with the host, Jason R. Coleman about his album Lee Gibson. Available now! We talk about playing with Ronnie McDowell, Bro Country, Busting your a$$ and much more. Lee shares his tracks Long Slow Night and Quittin...

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Jaclyn Monroe Records Acoustic Track at The Nashville Rocks Studios Jaclyn Monroe visits The Nashville Rocks Studios in Nashville, TN and talks with the host, Jason R. Coleman about her new EP Confessions available now! We talk about planning your own tour, Mtv, South By Southwest, Indie GoGo and much...

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Madelyn Victoria – Country Singer Songwriter and Independent Artist – Episode 14 Madelyn Plays CMA Fest 2016 Madelyn Victoria is playing CMA Fest this weekend and I wanted to get this podcast published as soon as humanly possible. Madelyn and her brother performed a great acoustic song live in the Nashville Rocks Studios. You’ll be able to download her live acoustic song...

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Episode 13 and Bonus Episode 1 with Jason Coleman Updates on the Podcast, Music News and More Make sure to subscribe to the podcast on your podcast player of choice, but most of all, please, please, please head over to iTunes and leave a review. It helps the show rank and helps expose the show and these great artists...

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Honeyboy and Boots on The Nashville Rocks Podcast Episode 12 The Nashville Rocks Podcast Episode 12 with Duo Honeyboy and Boots SUBSCRIBE TO THE NASHVILLE ROCKS PODCAST AND HAVE IT DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOU Click To Play Now! Honeyboy and Boots is the featured guest on this the 12th episode of The Nashville Rocks Podcast with Jason Coleman. They share how Boots got...

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